Supplemental Results Tests

This page links to old tests I ran to see if the supplemental index had something to do with duplicate content penalty. The test returned a negative, where multiple pages with identical / near identical pages were indexed. That's not a proof to me but it still enough evidence on top of logic that says weak link juice is the primary signal of low value. Anyway, I moved the links over here to cut off juice to them.

General Rules of Thumb on Supplementals (Untested)

Here are a few things to test about supplemental listings:

How To Test Supplementals?

Supplementals Test Pages

These pages are optimized for the words "se4funsupp testcases". UPDATE (9/3/2006): These pages are wiped off the face of Google last time I checked. Even the original copy is gone, which implies there may be some kind of directory level duplicate content filter at play.


Supplementals Test Log

2/27/2006 - MSN Only root listing on google; 0 pages in Yahoo.


Supplementals Test Conclusions

Supplemental Results