Why I don’t Like Index.html

The obvious answer is supplementals in Google. I’ve used index.html on about 3 of my domains and since I use Dreamweaver, and sooner or later I make the mistake of linking to a page using /index.html and boom… Google will index it. Even this domain has /index.html for root url. It’s a good thing that’s the only index page I have on this domain (besides the crap wordpress generates, but that’s another story).

BTW, I noticed both / and /index.html on this domain has the same cache date and still both are managing to stay out of supplementals. This could mean a tweak in how pages are crawled? I’m not sure what it is, but one of them should be listed as supplemental. I’m sure later on it will be, but this tells me depending on adjustments made to Google’s duplicate content filter, which will come eventually, some pages listed as unique pages will get thrown into supplemental listings somewhere down the line.

So just because pages are not flagged as supplementals now won’t mean it won’t be later. Scary, huh?

Also, completely unrelated, but i got a hit for “why did i get deindexed by google” so I ran a search. I see this site listed under digitalpoint on page one but I notice:

Did you mean: why did i get reindexed by google?

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