Google Corrupt Titles and Short META Descriptions

Marcia on WMW commented yesterday that pages with unlinked style declarations are turning up with corrupt TITLEs. Just Guessing claims he has the same problem but without a style declaration (mine does have a style declaration and their titles are still corrupt). Which brings us back to square one.

The thread got me wondering if having short META descriptions are one of the common denominators. Don’t get me wrong - I’m not saying short META descriptions are the CAUSE - just wondering if all pages with corrupt titles have META descriptions less than 50 chars long. (Disagree? Post a counterexample.)

Google’s been changing the way they snippetize pages and they may have temporarily injected their spider with a bug - in which case we can forget and move on. Still, this minor corrupt title bug can turn into a huge mess since Supplemental Bot revisits websites supposedly around every 6 months (though for my sites it feels more like once a year) and most if not all pages with this corrupt title problem ends up in the supplemental index.

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