Google Guy, Matt Cutts, Vanessa Fox, and Adam Lasnik in One Thread?

In the last two days, both Vanessa Fox and Adam Lasnik made cameo appearances in the second installment of WMW’s Google Webmaster Communications thread. Now that’s Googleguy, Matt Cutts, Vanessa Fox, and Adam Lasnik all in one thread. Is this for real? Reading reseller greet them (”Its inspiring and a great pleasure to see our good Googlers friends and WebmasterWorld fellow members…”), I feel like I’m watching an SEO version of The Fellowship of the Ring. Still, there’s alot of griping and grumbling going on, and there’s not much to take away from the thread so far except a hope that a good suggestion or a question by one of us may get some revealing responses in the days ahead.

I suggested Google Sitemaps show timestamps of when Supplemental Bot last visited a page, though I doubt Vanessa will bite. I’d also like to know if Supplemental Bot crawl depth or priority depends on trust / PR. I don’t plan to hold my breath for too long, but it would be great to know Supplemental Bot crawl priority is trust independent. Otherwise, a PR 0 site with no trust gone 100% supplemental will never see the light of day - which doesn’t exactly describe any of my sites. My domains are at least PR 2, dammit.

UPDATE (8/29/2006): Since I’m getting Google hits from people looking for the dirt on Vanessa Fox, I’ll list a few relevant links here so you can track her down. First place to look for Vanessa is Google Groups/ Google Webmaster Help. Just look for the green “G” logo, and you’ll find either Adam Lasnik or Vanessa helping webmasters out of tight spots. You can also find Vanessa blogging away at either The Official Google Blog or Webmaster Central Blog. She also drops by at Webmasterworld as well as other forums like cre8site (links on my sidebar). Finally, I also wrote a bit about Vanessa Fox blogging about BlogHer in this post.

UPDATE 99/20/2006): Vanessa Fox and Amanda Camp in A Conversation with Google Webmaster Central. Check out their pics here. Wow..they’re kinda cute. Why the hell am I not working at Google?

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2 Responses to “Google Guy, Matt Cutts, Vanessa Fox, and Adam Lasnik in One Thread?”

  1. My precious,

    As GoogleGuy noted in that thread (or another one… I’ve lost track!), our supplemental index will be getting substantially fresher in the near future, so it should indeed become less of an issue.

    P.S. — I’ve posted in dozens of threads recently in WmW and similar places, so I guess that’s a lot of “cameos” ;)

  2. Hi Adam,

    I noticed, and hats off to you guys. The open line of communication imo not only puts Google head and shoulders above Yahoo, but really is doing a great service to honest webmasters out there.

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