GoogleGuy Announces Radically Fresher Supplemental Index

Earlier this morning, GoogleGuy announced a supplemental index facelift:

Okay, I believe most/all U.S. users should see radically fresher supplemental results now. The earliest page I saw was from Feb 2006, and most of the ones that I looked at averaged in the ~2 month old range.

As data gets copied to more places, the fresher supplemental results should eventually be visible everywhere, not just the U.S.

Unfortunately, I’m either hitting the wrong DCs or I’m not seeing any change for my sites. So I won’t be doing cartwheels anytime soon…

Holy *** - checking I’m seeing clean results and a whole load of new pages indexed correctly! If that spreads out to other DCs… well, I won’t count my chickens till they hatch, but I’m close to doing cartwheels. Thanks for the heads up Googleguy.


Posted on Aug 11 at WMW:

trinorthlighting, the refresh of supplemental results went out to a data center that serves North American and Asian traffic. If you went looking at specific data centers, you could probably find older supplemental pages–however, as the newer supplemental results roll out at more data centers in the next few weeks, they will completely replace the older supplemental results.

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