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A few years ago, I used to play America’s Army Online, a squad-based shooter developed by the U.S. Army. To me it’s a thinking man’s game, where aim and luck has less to do with winning than exploiting the elements of surprise and forcing your enemy’s next move.

Never underestimate the element of surprise. Repeating yourself makes you transparent, which gives your enemies an upper hand. Say you rush Oil Entrance with SAW and kill 6 terrorists on Assault on Round 1. They will expect you there the next round. They may park a 203 outside to blow you up if you decide to take a peek outside, or throw a flash through the door to blind you, after which they’ll toy with you for a few seconds till they put a bullet through your head. The lesson? What worked yesterday won’t necessarily work today.

While your opponents force your hand, your odds of winning are low.
Say you’re on Defense and you hear someone turning EXT pump. You run to EXT room and open the door expecting an easy kill, only to get a round of bullets sprayed on your face with a SAW before you even know what hit you. Someone yanked your chain and you fell for it.

I see the same thing happening on the Interweb. It’s less effective to blog in reaction to what someone else said than be the pebble in the water that starts a ripple effect.

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