Google Docs Gone Bad - Google, Fix the Tags

Google Docs tags aren’t working right now, which means all the new articles you write in Google Docs will end up in a big disorganized pile of whatev, and you get to go back later (when tags are working again) and clean up the mess. This may not be news to you if you never used Writely, but if you do I guarantee its going to annoy you to no end. So much for smooth transitions. I tell ya, if I was working for Google, this kind of thing would NEVER happen. I mean, how do they screw up something that was working perfectly just a few days ago?

Anyhoo, I hope Googlers are aware of this bug and taking it with the utmost seriousness, because without tags, Google Docs for you will be just Google Notebooks Deluxe, with no organizational functionality save sort by last mod timestamp, which forces you to scan through a long list of notebooks every time you want to write something down.

I posted about this over at Google Docs & Spreadsheets Help Group just to help get this issue see the light of day. It’s good to know I’m not the only guy having this problem.

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You get the picture.

UPDATE: It looks like Google finally fixed the bug. Let’s hope its a permanent fix.

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3 Responses to “Google Docs Gone Bad - Google, Fix the Tags”

  1. With the launch of Google Docs and Spreadsheets, it is now step out of beta stage. Whether its quality is up to standard to go out of beta? Probably the quality of other players like EditGrid and iRows have implied the answer.

  2. Right on! There are lots of programmers very worried at Google right now… I think the only fix will be to reset the whole damn tagging system and start from scratch. Its totally foobared!

  3. Nov 4 07 - There is an “update” on this page that Google “fixed the bug,” but no date to the comment, and as far as I can see today, we still don’t have tags reestablished in Google Docs. It seems to me that the most advanced thinkers of all stripes would agree with that tagging contains alot of our future. I’m wondering if there are more of me out there who would like to create a seriously large campaign to encourage Google to give tagging the central position it deserves in virtually any application.

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