Wackiest Google Site Command Bug I’ve Ever Seen

Google’s site: command’s been acting up lately, and Googlers are working feverishly day and night I assume trying to fix the damn thing on various Datacenters, but check this out. While running a site: command tonight, I came across this bizarre SERP:

google site command bugged

Googe site search returns ginormous serp snippets

Here’s the search url I used (broken in two parts, so it doesn’t break this blog’s template):


(EDIT: The search result is back to normal now — Too bad.)

Huge description snippets, right? Where is it coming from?

META description, repeated 12 times.

So, um..Google, what’s up with that?

UPDATE: I removed snippets I previously quoted off the meta description and the SERP, since I didn’t want to accidentally create a duplicate content type scenario.

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One Response to “Wackiest Google Site Command Bug I’ve Ever Seen”

  1. Yeah. I’ve seen this on a one of the sites I work for as well. Strange though as I get the description tag repeated 8 times, and it’s always on the same url when it happens.

    I spoke to Vanessa Fox about this at PubCon and she told me they are looking into it…

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