Adam Lasnik Posting More Often?

I’ve been taking a break from SEO for the last two weeks, instead spending more time working on my own sites, writing up project plans for the next few months, working on a possibly groundbreaking SEO script, and doing a few SEO consulting on the side.

Though tonight, I couldn’t sleep, so here I am at 4:20 in the morning reading through Google Group Webmaster Help, when I noticed Adam Lasnik has been posting a hell of alot more in there recently. He doesn’t give away any hard kept secrets, mind you, but he does shell out some incredibly helpful feedback, enough not to make webmasters who post in that group to feel like they’re talking to a wall, like I sometimes feel when I chat with Google Adword reviewers, who I think are completely braindead and can’t tell right from wrong (/rant).

Anyway, if you’re interested, you can look for some of his comments by following the recent post links in his profile. Don’t expect any new posting for a couple of weeks though, since pubcon is coming up.

UPDATE: If you wanna keep track of Vanessa Fox’s comments on Webmaster Help GG, bookmark this link.

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