Blog Tag: Five Things You Didn’t Know about Me

Thanks alot John for tagging me so I can spend my Sunday morning in front of a computer - before the sun even has a chance to rise :D Here’s five things you didn’t know about me and would have never ever guessed:

1. I never got drunk, smoked cigs, or did any drugs till I went to Vassar College. I started out from “what’s sex on the beach?” to stone drunk every night by the end of my first semester. Oh, and yeah, coffee IS a drug.

2. I majored in Comp Sci / Cognitive Science because I didn’t believe in God or the existence of a human soul. By creating a machine that can think, I’d prove that man is just a complex machine. I guess I was in part rebelling against my Catholic background. BTW, back then, I was answering emails on a VAX, writing papers on MacWrite, and the internet didn’t even exist.

3. When I was 21, the local media reported I was missing and believed to be dead. On their front page, they wrote: “a straight-A Vassar Student (close to flunking out is more like it) has been missing for 3 days and was last seen with a major drug kingpin, who at this time is in police custody. He claims he did not kill [me] and doesn’t know of his whereabouts.”

It’s weird to see yourself on the front cover of a newspaper, to see yourself when you turn on the evening news, to have kids run up to you asking for autographs, or to hear a Yale English teacher call you a celebrity.

But it’s a long story. Plus this is an SEO blog, remember?

4. Before working on the Web, I played pool. I’m ranked 7 in APA National Team Championships, and unless you’re an A~Open player, I’ll give you a beating on the pool table :p I’ve won a free trip to Vegas a few years ago, which includes a roundtrip ticket to Vegas, and a few nights stay at the Riviera (because its probably the crappiest hotel there. A teammate gave up his free room and blew 5K on a room at the Belagio). I went to NYC and gambled away $200 bucks the night before the trip, and went there with only $100 bucks in my pocket. I ran 11 racks of 9 ball on a bar table playing a 2 am tourney and won a couple hundred from that, plus my team earned me a couple more hundred bucks. The food was near-free with all the buffets, so the trip eneded up costing me nothing (Nope, I didn’t gamble or blow money away in strip joints).

5. I met the love of my life when I was 21. Unlike Todd or Aaron, my relationship started off in a zoo (literally).

Now, I’m gonna tag…Lisa Ditlefsen (let’s just all admit it - her avatar is beyond hott), Jim Westergren, Jim Boykin (someone musta tagged him already..but whatev), Donna Fontenot, and Michael Martinez.

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5 Responses to “Blog Tag: Five Things You Didn’t Know about Me”

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  2. hiya Half,
    Thanks for tagging me =) and the compliment…

    Did you know that visitors to your blog using IE browser can’t see the “leave a reply” section? It’s basically just totally black! Firefox works fine but check it out in IE.

  3. […] John Scott tagged me EDIT: also SEO4Fun […]

  4. Hey Lisa, you’re welcome.

    I know, I gotta make my blog a little more commenter-friendly. The font is so small I can hardly see what I’m typing. Just lazy I guess.

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