YouTube Taking Down More Music Videos

Looking to download videos from YouTube for free?

1. Download a free FLV player from
2. Go to

Pretty simple huh?

So I woke up today to find out YouTube’s pulling more and more music videos. Out of 20 videos I bookmarked (yeah I know, not a whole lot), around 16 of them are now gone. It was just a matter of time and I understand why they gotta do this but it doesn’t mean I gotta like it. There are other ways to get my hands on my favorite music vids like P2P but I prefer watching videos on sites like AOL, MSN or YouTube where I don’t have to wait for songs to download and I didn’t have to bend over backwards hunting them down. It’s easy to download songs that are still available on Youtube, though alot of the songs that used to be on there are either going or gone. Yeah, I know, I’m such a damn freeloader. Anyway, in the next few months, YouTube will go from your ultimate source of copyrighted material to a place where you can only find silly people doing silly things.

UPDATE: According to the Washington Post, YouTube failed to hammer out a deal with Viacom, who owns MTV and Comedy Central. Viacom instead struck up a deal with Joost. By disallowing YouTube from airing videos, websites like and are seeing a rise in traffic.

But some people don’t think Viacom is being too smart “because its[YouTube’s] audience surpasses that of any other video site, with 100 million video streams a day. “

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