Matt Cutts Defaces Dark SEO Team - or Does He?

Yesterday, you probably noticed Matt Cutts’ blog supposedly defaced by the Dark SEO team (ya know, those guys who have all those fake TBPR pages up), as reported by Search Engine Land in a piece titled Matt Cutts gets hacked.

The Dark SEO Team has had a bit of a beef with Google’s Matt Cutts from back in 2005 over URL hijacking. Looks like they’ve pulled a prank on him today. Matt’s blog is down, hacked

Well it turns out the prank was Matt Cutts’ own doing, inspired by his wife. To tell ya the truth, he got me too because I really believed his site got hacked. A WMW member even pointed out there’s some French in the source code, and that he didn’t think Matt spoke French.

But now check out Dark seo team’s home page. Who’s responsible for that one?

If you view source, you’ll find stuff like “phe4r !! THIS IS NOT KEYWORDS STUFFING !! Matt just try to be funny and that’s work, all the seo world is loud of laugh !”

The funniest line on the page is “Google is just a stupid algorithm relying on spammy backlinks. But you guys had no right to let everyone know.”

The photo you see is The Original GOOGLE Computer Storage wrapped in a wall of rainbow-colored LEGO:

Crawling the web to obtain its link structure required an enormous amount of storage in comparison with typical student projects at that time. We show here the original storage assembly, containing 10 4 Gigabyte disk drives, giving 40 Gbytes total.

40 Gigs! (we’re talking 1996) That’s about how much space I try to keep open for periodic degrag. Come to think of it, I got 200 GB inside my rig and 200 GB on an external drive (yeah, I should buy a cheap 500GB drive). So I could theoretically crawl the entire web without overflowing my hard drive.

Anyway, I hope you had a fun April Fools Day.

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