Why Does Viagra.com 302 Its Home Page?

Why did viagra.com drill a 302 into their home page? And why does the redirect dump me on this cryptic, Google-unfriendly URL:


No wonder viagra.com is beat by .edu spam for “buy viagra.” It seems the company opted out of hiring a competent webmaster (no you don’t need an SEO to figure out redirects). Or is there something major usability-oriented thingie I’m missing? Nah, I can’t think of one legit explanation. Can you?

BTW, Vanessa Fox Nude is now 5th for “vanessa fox”, and 1st for “vanessa fox nude.” Her new blog outranks DaveN and Search Engine Land, two very “authoritative” sites. That’s reality folks. On the other hand, she won’t have an easy time outranking webmastercentral, but if she reveals more skin (er..how Google really works), she’ll make it to the top.

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2 Responses to “Why Does Viagra.com 302 Its Home Page?”

  1. What the hell were you doing on viagra.com? D:
    I wouldn’t recommend buying online pharmaceuticals…

  2. “What the hell were you doing on viagra.com? D:”

    Reading sites like DaveN tends to nudge me in that direction.Like he says, its interesting to keep an eye on the “buy viagra” type SERPs. I never tried Viagra (I’m probably missing out); right now my worst vice is having an occasional bloody marys after 6. :)

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