How to Check for Position 6 Penalty

One of my clients is convinced he is smacked with a position 6 penalty. In some cases, he is coming up 7th or 8th, often when sites above him have indented listings. Where would he rank if those indented listings weren’t there?

Usually, Google pulls up indented listings if the secondary URL is relevant enough to rank on the same page as the primary URL. As tedster on WMW noted, “You can see this mechanism at work by changing your preferences to 50 or 100 results per page - that opens up the opportunity for more urls to be clustered.”

Sandboxsam, a new user on Webmasterworld, noted a trick you can use to filter out those indented listings.

1. Go to Advanced Search on Google
2. Set number of results to 20
3. change num=20 to num=6 in the adress bar

That filters out secondary URLs from search results (unless it ranks 6th or higher).

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