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Hi there.

Whenever I come across something interesting in WMW or some other SE related forum, I drop a few lines in this blog. I also keep a note of any SEO tests I run on this domain.

It’s mostly on-page stuff I’m testing, which I know is useless in Google (unless I’m bottom fishing, or if Google thinks my content just rocks). Then again, Google isn’t everything.

Google wacked a few of my domains recently. While guys like Dan S insist Google is behaving itself and most domains are NOT losing indexed pages, this site went from 58 pages indexed down to 4, while another domain is locked out of Google with 1000 supplementals out of 1007 pages indexed. Meanwhile, my interest is shifting away from SEO and toward other methods of traffic generation.

That means I might not be updating this blog like crazy. Since most of the other blogs are either yapping about the latest Google press conference or myths about Matt Cutts’s dark ties with the DoD, there’s really not much to comment on either.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t pretend to know anything about search engine optimization, so if you’re a newbie, find things out for yourself. Don’t believe half of what you hear on the boards, or in my blog, like “PR doesn’t matter”, “the sandbox doesn’t exit”, or “textbook SEO is dead.” Learn to see the world in technicolor.

If you’re a professional SEO — what are you doing wasting time reading my blog? :)

Thanks for stopping by,

P.S. A few words about where my nick Halfdeck comes from:

I made up my nick originally when I started playing Anarchy Online. There was this annoying PvP character named Fragile that used to jump me and my teams in DAOC (Dark Ages of Camelot). The guy’s name stuck in my head - it made him sound like a piece of glass or something about to break, but that thing about to break was sending me to the cleaners. It took days of leveling up before I could finally start killing Fragile. I’d look for the sob in a crowd of 300+ enemies. The first time I wacked him man I had a huge grin on my face cuz by then he’d killed me and my friends so many damn times. Then I hit level 50 and it was time to leave.

A friend from DaOC asked me to retry Anarchy Online, so I decided to create a few characters over there. One character I created for PvP. I wanted a nick like Fragile - a nick that put people off their guard - something that gave me a psychological edge during PvP battles. A name that stuck in people’s brains for life… So I thought of Halfdeck - a guy who’s not playing with a full deck of cards, a guy who has a few screws loose. My enemies would underestimate me, then I’d tear them to pieces (that was the plan, anyway).

There were only a handful of level 200 traders when I used to play AO, and Halfdeck was one of them. I owned a level 200 crit scope - probably worth thousands of bucks on ebay but I gave it away to a guidmate for free when I finally left the game. In groups, before they gimped the trader class, I was spamming critical hits like there’s no tomorrow - with a MA crit buff, my own crit buff, 200 scope with a high crit gun, I’d see repeat messages of “you hit X for 3500 points of damage”. I ran PvP tourneys on weekends and raided Camelot at night against the Clanners (strongest Player killers back then were Clanners, not Omni). I had fun back then.

Anyway, if you remember me from Anarchy Online, yep, that was me.

P.S. A few words on what kinds of links I nofollow:

1. First, all approved comments are NOFOLLOW FREE. *** Right now, I’m running a test so I enabled comments nofollow again.
2. If you’re just making noise I’ll nofollow you. Rewarding people who intentionally publish inflammatory BS in order to get links is not my thing.
3. If you write something substantial I agree with I will never nofollow a link to your page.
4. If you write something I disagree with but you make a solid case I will never use nofollow.