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Bored? Run out of ideas? Feel like clueing me in? Don’t be shy. Email me at [email protected] If you don’t hear from me, most likely your email ended up in my spambox, so please try again. You might also try ICQing me 302-651-593, though these days I’m not on all that often.

Heads Up

  • I usually don’t answer emails sent to me on weekends until Monday.
  • I only check my emails once or twice a day.

What do I want to hear from you? Well, if you think you know something I don’t, I DEFINITELY want to hear from you, lol. But seriously, I hear plenty of people go on and on in SEO forums about God knows what, so I’m really not looking to hear anything but evidence that stares me right in the face. Unprovable theories, hearsay, and how PR doesn’t mean crap - all that talk puts me in a coma.

SEO is like a religious cult where people believe in things no matter what you tell them (for example, some people claim HTML invalid pages cause absolutely no problems with Google; they haven’t looked closely enough - there’s plenty of actual examples where sites do themselves in because their HTML is a mess). So usually, its either you agree with what I write or you don’t. There’s no pondering, not enough substantial discussion. I’m even guilty of writing dumb posts on forums repeating things I’ve heard without dishing out new information. Here’s a rule of thumb: if you have nothing new to say, don’t say it. Well, actually if I’m organizing known information (like a checklist or something, then I’d have to rehash alot of what’s already said, but that’s another story). Or if a new webmaster asks how do you 301 a non-www to www, what are you supposed to say? An old question doesn’t leave much room for brand new replies, now does it?

Ok, I hope next time I look at the cache of this page on Google, I don’t see my Blogroll.