Promises To Myself

- As of this writing, I’m not going to either defend or attack Google from an ethical stand point. Talking or reading about Google is a waste of my motherfucking time. People are free to generate traffic by doing that, but I’m no longer going to participate in that discussion.

- I’m not going to give a damn about what you or anyone else want to read on my blog. This is my blog. I’m going to write posts I want to read. My goal isn’t to boost RSS subscribers or to sell affiliate products. My goal is to satisfy myself. And if you’re like me, you’ll find what I write valuable. If not, tough.

- I will never single people out on this blog to bash them or to flame them or to use them as attack bait for my own personal gain.

- I’m going to behave as professionally as I can on this blog. We all want to know how to make more money, how to solve a problem. That’ll be my focus.

- My target audience: SEO practitioners (not forum posters, but people who actually have clients) and webmasters looking for SEO advice.

- I’m not going to publish tactics I myself haven’t tried (unless publishing a post is required to test out a tactic).

- I’m not going preach anything I don’t practice.