SEO4FUN: SEO Myth or Cold Hard FACT?

DISCLAIMER: I'm no professional SEO; like the domain name says, it's all about SEO for fun. I'm using this domain to run a few experiments to see how different setups effect ranking on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. I'll be writing most of my notes in my SEO Blog If you're looking for a free SEO course, check out that link.

Only First Link Counts Test

Here are two links to my blog home page using two anchor texts: Velvet Underground and Blondie. None of those words appear on any pages of the site except this page. So you should see two pages returned in search results for those terms: this page and blog index. (set up July 8th)

SEO Test 1

This is a test to measure the weight of various on page / off-page SE optimization methods. Note: Tests results should be checked on different DCs. If there's a difference in the SERP, then its a sign that the algo has been tweaked/changed. I'd also like to test pages with 3-4 word keyphrases, not just 2 word combos. I may have to modify the test pages so the keyword densities are nearly identical.

Note: Each page has a unique <title> and the on-page text starts off with unique words on every page to avoid dup filter. Not every page has META description tag.

How to Test Nofollow

The question for me is does nofollow really prevent PR leakage? Since I'll probably be dealing with PR 0~1, I'll need to build similar pages with an embedded keyword and compare one page with 100 links with nofollow on all of them versus another page with 100 links that doesn't use nofollow(?) Note that the PR of the page itself won't change. The difference we want to see is the PR of the pages this page links to. If one page gets a link from a non-nofollow 100 link page, then say it gets 0.01PR transferred. Another page with 99 nofollows and 1 clean link should get 0.02PR, so ranks higher in the SERP. As contrast, say I have another page that gets a nofollow link. That should get 0.00 PR and rank the lowest.

So how many pages do I need for this test? Say 2 pages with 50 links on each page. The links go to big sites like (so I don't have to build crap pages). Page 1 will use nofollow on all of its links. Page 2 will not use nofollow. Now we also build page A that gets linked from Page 1 using a clean link, and page B that gets linked from page 2. Finally, we have page C that gets linked from page 1 with a nofollow on the link. As for content, title, meta tags, pages A, B, C should be nearly identical.

The keyword for this test is testxzrelnofollow seo4funf5s. The linkfarm pages does not contain keywords, just links to major sites.

Nofollow Page This page is populated by miscellaneous outbound links. PR/number of Incoming links to this page should be exactly identical to the next page.


Here's a list of things I observed from the tests so far. This is a list of DEFINITES. I should also double check this with other domains I already have listed. I'll move this section off to a separate page once there's enough content.

Google SEO Test Result

3/2/2006 Today I noticed Google indexed a few more pages from my domain. So I'm going to see how the pages are ranking and make a few notes here. The DC I'm checking. Note though, that some listings might be TIED in position. Interestingly, so far I haven't seen any supplementals, at least not for those pages where supplementals were forced.

  1. large block of text with keyword embedded. (Keyword density too low?)
  2. 60 word block text with keyword at the start of paragraph. (keyword density even lower?)
  3. INDEX.html, a big page where keyword is mentioned once.
  4. Search for just Brandnewsacx1 returned the same exact result.


SEO Test 1 Notes


301 Redirection

SEO Test Conclusion

Here are a few conclusions I can draw from what I've seen so far:




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