Googlebot Refreshing Supplementals?

Weird 404 error email I sent myself yesterday (url hidden to prevent linking to an adult domain):


Quick explanation: I rigged my dynamic pages, so a request to retrieve “maroon-widget.html” 404s and triggers an email if I don’t have “maroon widget” in my database.

REQUEST_URI is linked from nowhere; it exists solely in the supplemental index. I’ve seen Yahoo do this kinda thing, but this week I’m starting to see Google do the same thing. I guess Google’s basically crawling my site using its own database instead of following links. Is this a common behavior/part of a normal crawl, or is Google trying to clean up supplementals?

Looking up in Google returns 208,000 jibberish results (mostly those that display your IP on their page). So I guess its just a regular bot, not supplemental bot?

Update: After cleaning out my inbox, I found similar emails going back to May 20.

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2 Responses to “Googlebot Refreshing Supplementals?”

  1. Hello Halfdeck

    i check ur posts (regarding supplemental pages)in google groups and like it.

    one question. can i ask you to make review of my site?

    i understand, that u have huge knowledgde in this area, that is why i give u this question.

    if u don’t like to do this .. NO problem ;-)

    thank you :-)

  2. Hi,

    Sure. I may publish the review on this blog though, if you don’t mind. I’ll shoot you an email later today.

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