Keyword surrounding Links

Jim Westergren wrote an interesting post in his blog recently. concluding:

both Yahoo and Google uses the text surrounding links in their algo

So, I looked at this test page that has an outgoing link. I took a snippet next to that link and ran a Google search, but the target page refused to come up. What am I missing?

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4 Responses to “Keyword surrounding Links”

  1. Well, I don’t think 1 link will make a difference.

    I assume G and Y looks at patterns and in my case it has to do with many such links.

  2. I thought the same Jim; I’m still looking around for definite examples of my own, but you’ve got me pretty much convinced.

    One related thing I have noticed is what Google does with text surrounding an image. An image will rank for text 7-10 words above and below it. I can see Google doing something similar with links.

  3. I found out that it was all about Co-Citation, an interesting subject. See my updated post.

  4. Thanks Jim, I just searched your name and clicked on the “similar” link on Google: is ranked 2nd on that page. Interesting stuff.

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