Update Wp-Config.php When Re-Installing Wordpress

After browsing Shoemoney’s Toronto pics (link’s dead so I removed it) at 7 am, I decided to start a new blog. Being half asleep, I used the same set of files I used to create this blog. After installation, I tried to load this blog and got a blank page. Oops. So I refreshed the /blog/ directory using Dreamweaver. That gave me a funky error: “Database error: [Unknown column ‘user_level’ in ‘where clause’]”. After Googling that error message, I learned user_level in wordpress_user table is obsolete in 2.0. I must have had Wordpress 1.0 sitting in my local /blog/ directory! So I backed up .htaccess, deleted /blog/, and uploaded a fresh copy of Wordpress 2.0.


REMINDER: When installing a new Wordpress blog, use a fresh copy of Wordpress, or go into wp-config.php and make sure the DB info doesn’t point to one of your other blogs.

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