Feedster Feeds off del.icio.us

You’re probably wondering what’s so great about feedster traffic, right? :)

Quick side note: I’ve been struggling trying to decide whether to break up this blog into several blogs, so say people interested in reading about Google don’t get hit with RSS feeds about MYSQL. But since I don’t run this blog for money, I’m going to just blog away with whatever I’m interested in related to SEO. What I will do is use as descriptive titles as I can, so you can save yourself some time deciding what not to read by scanning my post titles.

Also, since this blog is mainly for my own benefit, expect me to go back to an earlier post and add new information, instead of writing short posts. That’s not good SEO (more pages, the better), and not good blogging either I know, but right now I have about a hundred unposted posts on hold because I’m worried about publishing newbie/boring/old ideas that’ll be a waste of time for you to read.

As part of an experiment to feed videos to Yahoo, I added del.icio.us tags to the video pages and socially bookmarked them using a batch of the most popular tags related to the content of each page. I didn’t get a whole lot of clicks from del.icio.us (20 hits after 12 hours to one page), and after a few hours/days I’ll expect that to trickle off, but for an unindexed page that’s not too bad. I also noticed my page shows up on Feedster, though the listings lacked descriptions (This post does not have a description) probably because I omitted writing descriptions to my del.icio.us entries.

My notes on del.icio.us, feedster, technorati and…Furl (so far):

  • Use as many popular tags related to a post as possible to maximize initial burst of traffic.
  • Add bookmarking tags/RSS links on a page to generate repeat visits. (These weren’t blog pages, so I added them manually).
  • Write descriptions for del.icio.us entries so they show up in feedster listings.
  • Publish bookmarkable/linkbait pages.
  • Bookmark with Furl using popular technorati tags as categories. Technorati Links feed off Furl, using Furl categories. Traffic is low unless you know your high traffic tags, so ROI might not be all that. /tag/ pages have robots=nofollow on them too, so those pages get indexed but you get no link juice, which is no big deal since the link wont stay on there forever anyway.
  • Repeat a keyword a few times in a post for longer Technorati description in their search results, which equals bigger adspace.
  • Tag your post before you ping. (Yep, I’m doing them by hand, lol. I’ll have to try out that Wordpress plugin in a bit.)
  • Use relevant, but different set of tags per post
  • For 40+ posts/day tags, hammer them every post; less posts/day tags i can spread them around a bit.

Technorati Questions

How do I know which technorati tag gets decent traffic (besides trial and error?) Does it correlate with Wordtracker/Overture?

Google Hits: “how to get indexed by feedster” Page One, 5/26/2006. Talk about a long tail, no traffic listing.

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