What I’ve been Up To

I surfed over to Dan Thies’ blog yesterday and noticed he’s been slacking off on his blog, like I have with this one. Matt’s also been absent for a couple of days, though now he seems to be back blogging in full force. I’ve started a couple of new blogs this week, one blog for generating sales with adult paysites, and another blog ala ProBlogger, except my target audience is adult webmasters. Since Mike G wrote his anti textbook SEO article, I’ve gotten curious how bloggers generate traffic, and I’m now spending some time playing around with side kicks, Technorati tags and chicklets. So I write blogging notes on Adult Blogger while I try out my ideas on my other blog. I intentionally kept Google, Yahoo, and MSN out of my new blog just to see how much traffic I can generate without SEs. I won’t be linking to those blogs from here. I’m also thinking of building a time management blog just to help myself manage my days better.

Anyway, I’ve been pretty busy. I might finish up with some of the drafts on this blog too if I get around to it, but with Google dropping pages every day (this domain went from 58 pages indexed back down to 3), it’s hard to say anything. Most of my sites rank well if I can get pages indexed. But since Matt said BD’s crawling priorities are different from the past, its all up in the air. I’ve actually gotten an email back from Google’s Search Quality Team, telling me “Your site has not been manually penalized” which is cool, but Google needs to start indexing some of my pages.

The biggest bomb of the week is Shoemoney’s post about plentyoffish (noooo I’m not gonna link to that). I’m actually surprised SEOMoz haven’t blogged about it yet. It’s taken a nasty turn, and nothing against Shoe, but personally I believe Mark makes plenty of money off his site. All you ever need to make money with a site is traffic and clicks…and with adsense and 890ish Alexa rating, you can’t lose. With my sites, I have to not only generate clickthrus, but that click has to generate a sale for me to make money. So he really got it easy.

Anyway, that’s all I got.

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