Mosaic Rambling: Kawasaki, FURL, Fried CPU

I just finished watching Guy Kawasaki speak. Nearly 40 minutes, but man.. do I feel inspired. “Don’t listen to the bozos!”

I’m seeing FURL redirect pages ranking high on Google. A double edged sword: More SE traffic, but original pages seem to be getting knocked off the index.

It’s a long story, but I fried my CPU a few nights ago, so I’m fish out of water on a 1GHz / 256MB RAM Windows ME without access to Forum passwords and whatnot. Few lessons I’ve learned:

  • Don’t screw around with your main rig. Processors and mobos are cheap these days (found an 2.2Ghz AMD 64 for $100 bucks).
  • Don’t use Windows Backup to backup files. That program compresses everything into one huge file, and you can’t get to individual files from another machine.
  • Google Notebook, Google Reader, Google Calendar, gmail - when a good chunk of my data is online, one fried machine won’t slow me down.
  • Last but not least - don’t jam anything into the CPU fan.

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