Log - Emailed Business.com and Built a New Rig

I finally finished putting my new PC together and I gotta say after frying my old rig, it felt like walking on a tight rope without a break for 2 days (gimme a break, it’s my first try). Seriously, I connect the reset wire to my new ASUS ATX mobo in bullet time. First time I pressed the power button, I had one hand on the plug in case the fan didn’t spin. And when my DVD drive refused to show up, I was afraid I shorted a fuse - but it turned out I just had to set the damn thing on slave instead of CS. One thing I was glad of was I didn’t have to reformat my hard drive. Windows XP fired up just fine - I just had to call up Microsoft tech support to retrieve my key. Windows bonks out like that whenever it detects a major alteration in your system - like upgrading everything except the drives, which is what I ended up doing. I wish I had a digital cam to snap a pic since the back of my jet black case with a glowing blue PSU looks pretty damn cool. I have to remember never to throw away my old case though, since I got my Microsoft key sticker on it.

After I was done, I spent a day playing F.E.A.R and Far Cry (one good thing about being my own boss). My new Radeon X1800XT, Athelon AMD 64 2.2Ghz 2 GB corsair RAM set up still isn’t quite good enough to max out FEAR settings, but Far Cry plays flawlessly with Anti Aliasing on high. I wish I went SLI with a pair of GeForce 7900s, but I didn’t feel like blowing 800+ on a pair of video cards when I could buy an Xbox 360 for around 300. Now I gotta go get me some new titles: probably Oblivion (though that sounds like it’ll put me in a timewarp and I won’t ever get back to my work), Doom 3 for supposedly great looking visuals (I’ll have to re-download the demo to decide), or the Need to Speed Most Wanted. Whatever with tons of eye candy will do.

Anyway, that’s my excuse to myself for doing barely anything for the last few days. I did email business.com though early on in the week asking them why they added nofollow tags on their links and whether their directory was a paid directory. They promptly emailed me back, refering me to Threadwatch where Lane posted an elaborate response, which I was satisfied with. People go berzerk when their paid links are at stake, I tell ya.

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