Google Notebook - Error in Loading User Data

I admit I love Google Notebook. I’ve got all sorts of clips saved up in this thing as I surf the web. But since 5 pm tonight I’ve been getting this error: “Error in loading user data” and it refuses to go away. Yesterday, gmail refused to load for a few minutes, so I thought maybe it was the same momentary lapse of service kinda deal, but 4 hours later, Google Notebook still refuses to fire up. What gives? I swear to God things like this make me wanna be DaveN. Recommendation: Send Google an email letting them know your problem - it worked for me.

google notebook error
Googe Notebook Error in Loading User Data

Update: Now Google Notebook is really acting screwy:

google notebook screw up
Googe Notebook Screenshot. Nav links on the left are unclickable . I minimized resolution to protect some sensitive to speak.

7/19/2006: Google Notebook is back to working order. About the same time I noticed the bugs disappear, I received a reply to my Google labs feedback (bitching) informing me they fixed a few kinks in their app. I was afraid when Google apps bug out, those bugs go unnoticed by the Google folks, but in this case my fears turned out to be unfounded. Now I’m officially back to being a Google Notebook fanboy.

8/25/2006: I’m still getting hits from Google (e.g. “error in loading user data”, “google notebook error in loading user data”), so people are still having problems with Google Notebook, though I haven’t had problems with it for a while. I think it has to do with keeping the Notebook open in multiple browsers and creating a syncronization problem (just a guess).

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